Introducing: Fleur De Mur – Neither Am I

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the nature of reality? What’s real and what’s not? For centuries, philosophers have explored this topic—and there’s no one answer. In fact, reality is a complex and multi-layered concept. Some believe that what we see and experience is reality, while others maintain that there’s a deeper, hidden reality that we can’t see or understand. Reality is a constantly-evolving and subjective concept, which makes it a fascinating topic to talk about.

Fleur de Mur’s lyrics for the song Neither Am I are introspective and explore the disconnect we can feel with the world around us. She questions every detail of her perceived reality and wonders if it’s all even real. The singer is overwhelmed by the sensation that if she’s not here, then nothing is. The song speaks to the feelings many of us experience during our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I really like the bouncy production of Neither Am I. It’s catchy and upbeat, without being too poppy or syrupy. The rhythm section lays down a solid foundation for the electronic components to build upon. Fleur’s singing immerses you in a world of its own.