Introducing: meadowhip – Iconic

Iconic is meadowhip’s latest single and it tells the story of a couple who keep it tight, despite each other’s defects. For her, being an iconic couple means being unique and distinctive as individuals, and being extraordinary as a pair. The song underscores the fact that every relationship takes effort. No two people are exactly alike, so it’s always going to be a challenge to navigate through the different quirks and personalities. But if you’re both willing to stick together no matter what, your relationship will be a success.

The song’s instrumental pulls off a very impressive job of capturing that feeling of a lazy summer day, with the sun shining down and a slow breeze blowing through the air. The jazzy keys, slick bass and lo-fi/hip hop inspired beats create a relaxed soundscape that perfectly complements the smooth pop-R&B hooks. The trumpet solo by Tommy Gun provides a touch of elegance, making the music all the more magnificent.