Introducing: Mea & Marc O’rell – Kisses And Champagne

It’s the endless cycle that so many of us fall into. You work hard all week at a job you dislike, only to go out and drink every weekend to escape. Weekend warriors, we salute you! We understand the allure of just wanting to let loose and forget about your troubles for a little while, but at what cost?

Mea’s new single, Kisses and Champagne, produced by Marc O’rell, explores the endless cycle people get caught in. It talks about the desperation that comes with trying to fill an emptiness that can never be filled. It’s created by our longing for something more, something better. And until we settle down and appreciate what we have, we’ll never find inner peace.

The sound of this song is upbeat and fun, something you can groove to without a second thought. It would be ironic, yet iconic, to hear Kisses and Champagne in a nightclub. Let’s hope that it happens soon.