Introducing: Grace Kay – overgrown

Photo credit: Danika Karolinski

The pain of a friend breakup can be surprisingly intense. You might even find yourself wondering why it hurts so much when you’ve barely seen the person in months or years. The reason is that, for many people, friendships are like marriages. They’re built on years (or even decades) of shared experiences and memories. When a friend breakup occurs, it feels like a part of you is slipping away. You’re losing a piece of yourself that you’ll never get back. And just like with any other breakup, the pain can be crippling and seemingly endless.

overgrown by emerging singer-songwriter Grace Kay is about a friendship where one person has grown in a different direction than the other. It explores the complicated dynamics of this situation. The lyrics to this song are relatable to anyone who’s ever lost a friend they once thought was inseparable. We like that Grace has opted for a more subdued soundscape on overgrown – she really gets to showcase her voice.