Notable: Nicole Ariana, TÁLTSIE, and Ali Angel

Here, you’ll find the most notable releases of the moment. This time around, we’re featuring emerging artists Nicole Ariana, TÁLTSIE, and Ali Angel.

When we have a broken heart, it’s hard not to reflect on the good times we had with our ex. We often wonder why things ended the way they did, and if things could have worked out differently. In Crybaby, Nicole Ariana captures the struggle of letting go. She has said that the song was therapeutic for her to write, and it helped her to acknowledge that she was still very much haunted by her past relationship.

The lyrics of TÁLTSIE’s new song Holding Stones deal with the theme of wanting to find stability in a world that feels so constantly in flux. It illustrates that despite our best efforts, we can never fully escape the turmoil of life. The song is a beautiful meditation on the human condition and its search for peace and understanding.

If you’ve ever been in love, or are currently in love, you’ll know that the experience is one of a kind. It’s like nothing else in the world. Ali Angel’s latest release Loving You Lately reflects this feeling well. The lyrics are so heartfelt that you can’t stop listening to them. The song is about unconditional, sweet love that’s meant to last, one that brings together so many parts of your life and brings the best out in you.