Introducing: Hannah Gail – Simple things

Photo credits: Annika Schoonbrood

We tend to avoid discussing the ugly aspects of mental illness, because we don’t want to admit that they exist. But the more we ignore them, the more they will fester and grow. We should be sharing our stories, both good and bad, so that we can start to break down the barriers that have been built up around mental illness.

The song Simple Things by Norwegian singer-songwriter Hannah Gail is about being lost in your depression and feeling like you’re not capable of doing even the simplest things in life, like taking a shower, brushing your teeth or going to sleep. It takes us through the ugly sides of what depression can look like, and how it can affect someone.

Simple Things has a really timeless feel to it, and that’s partly due to the wonderful piano arrangement. It’s not too flashy or over the top; it just provides the right accompaniment for Hannah’s voice. She sounds absolutely marvelous.