Introducing: Yndling – Plants

When you’re too close to someone, you stop seeing them as this perfect, flawless being and start to see their faults. You see the little things that drive you crazy and the things that you wish they would change about themselves. You still want to be close to them, but the tension that arises from being able to see each other objectively is often too much to handle. Yndling’s new song Plants explores this dilemma. The lyrics are poetic and melancholy, hinting at the singer’s mixed feelings toward a former lover. The song reflects on the moments leading up to the breakup and how they both knew it was coming.

The song’s gritty drums, and the repetitive guitar-loop over the chorus really hammer in that feeling of suffocation and almost addictive phase as you’re struggling to let go of someone. The overall sound is incredibly compelling, and it’s clear that Yndling and her producer Adrian Einestor Sandberg were aiming for a moody track with a strong emotional impact.