Introducing: Shane Garcia – You’re Not Her

So often we find ourselves looking for the next person to fill the voids in our lives. We search for someone who can make us laugh or someone who’s intelligent and ambitious. We want to be inspired and we want to be in awe of our partner. But sometimes, we forget to ask ourselves if we’re really emotionally ready for a new relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on yourself from time to time rather than someone else. You just need to figure out what you need. Be honest with yourself and be honest with the person you’re dating. Don’t lead them on just because you think it might be easier than telling them the truth.

I think that Shane Garcia’s new single You’re Not Her deserves attention because it brings up the topic of emotional availability. It’s something that isn’t often talked about, but it’s important nonetheless. The lyrics are so poignant and offer a lot of wisdom when it comes to relationship-building.

Shane rich voice is backed by soulful instrumentals on You’re Not Her. The verses are easygoing, while the chorus has a more layered and powerful sound. This creates an interesting dichotomy that makes the song livelier and keeps the listener attentive.