Introducing: Anna Grelle – Dirt in the Gold

Anna Grelle’s new single, Dirt in the Gold, is about being skeptical and not just accepting things at face value. She states that we’re all constantly looking for the dirt in the gold, for the thing that will make us doubt what we’ve been told. With so much false information flying around, it can be difficult to know what to believe.

Being skeptical has its benefits. By being a skeptic, you’re able to question information and research it for yourself before coming to a conclusion. This can be especially beneficial when deciding what to do. However, we also need to remember that there are good things in the world. If we’re always skeptical, we’ll never experience life to its fullest and we’ll miss out on all the opportunities that are presented to us. Being an optimist doesn’t mean you’re blindly optimistic. It simply means that you choose to see the positive side of people and situations, and you believe that things will only get better.

The production on Dirt in the Gold is breathtaking . The cinematic drums, soft pianos, and string arrangements create an incredibly emotive atmosphere, while the powerful choir vocals give the song a feeling of grandeur and majesty.