Introducing: Taylor Henry – That’s Alright

After a break-up, letting go may be difficult. We often hold onto the past and refuse to let go of our memories, emotions, and the relationship itself. This can keep us stuck in a state of misery and prevent us from moving on with our lives. The key to moving on is to let go of the idea of what could have been. Instead, focus on the present and what you want for your future.

The lyrics of Taylor Henry’s new single, That’s Alright, are powerful and honest, telling the story of a relationship that has ended. She sings about the fact that her ex is no longer in her life, and how she has come to terms with it.

It’s easy to imagine this song becoming a mainstream hit. The drums have a nice punch to them, and the melody is catchy without being cloying. Henry’s vocals are gently layered in the mix, giving them just the right amount of prominence.