Introducing: Jett Kwong – Jasmine

Springtime in Los Angeles is celebrated with the blooming of jasmine flowers. This potent symbol of rebirth captures the excited anticipation of the new season, as well as the sadness of bidding farewell to winter. The jasmine flower is at once vibrant and delicate, just like the city it embodies.

Jett Kwong’s latest single, Jasmine, reflects on all that’s been lost and all that needs to be remembered as we move forward into a next phase. It shows us that even in our toughest moments, there’s always hope for something better around the corner. The song is filled with the warmth and light of the coming summer, while also hinting at the darkness that lies ahead.

The song features Kwong’s ethereal vocals over lush orchestral strings and Chinese guzheng, which are all then topped off with modern electronic production that gives it an unexpected twist and takes it to an another level.