Introducing: Sara Diamond – Happy With Me

It’s hard when a relationship ends. We’ve invested so much time, emotion, and energy into it. We’ve built memories, and we’ve shared moments that we’ll never forget. And when it ends, it feels like all of that was for nothing. Like all of that was a waste. It’s normal to feel like that. To feel like everything you did was for nothing. But it wasn’t. Because even though the relationship didn’t work out, you learned from it. You grew from it. You became a better person because of it.

But breakups are still breakups. You need time to heal from it. Luckily, there’s music. There are countless songs that have been written to help people express their feelings, feel empowered, or just make them feel better overall. Sara Diamond’s new single, Happy With Me, is a good example of this.

Although the song’s lyrics seem lighthearted, they’re meant to make your ex realize they will never be as happy as when they were with you. It’s a way of making them accept the truth.

The beat in Happy With Me is mellow and soulful, and the vocals are layered perfectly on top of it. There are no gimmicky effects or heavy basslines; just simple, stripped-back production that elevates the song as a whole.