Introducing: Sophia Bacino – My Old Self Could Love You

Breakups aren’t easy to handle. They can leave us feeling like we’re not good enough, or that we’ll never find someone who will love us unconditionally. But Sophia Bacino’s debut single, My Old Self Could Love You, proves that’s not always the case.

The song’s lyrics speak to the idea of self-empowerment after a break-up. Once you’ve freed yourself from the relationship, you’re able to accept who you are in a way that you never could before. This newfound self-acceptance gives you the confidence to express yourself more truthfully, without worrying about what your ex might think.

The production on My Old Self Could Love You is very well done. It starts off with just Sophia’s vocals and an acoustic guitar, and then builds sonically until the end of the song where there’s a lot going on. Fans of Norah Jones, Eloise, and Father John Misty will definitely be in their element once they hear this.