Premiere: ANA GALELI – All Because of You (Music Video)


Indie-pop artist, Ana Galeli has released today the long anticipated music video for her fantastic single All Because of You. The clip was shot in a variety of landmark cities such Antwerp, New York, and Washington DC. The message it sends tells of finding love within a place after heartbreak.

You can not deny that the visuals are wonderful, it will really impress you. Beside, ANA has a fantastic self-confident attitude in the clip, she is and looks like a real pop star! Without any doubt I can say that it is unprecedented how well the music video conveys the feeling of the track, my compliments!

47692026_2249372335282536_2368130884805588514_n.jpg (Photo credit:  @tiago_deso)

I believe that ANA GALELI has made in collaboration with director Philippe Weber and editor Cedric Nussli a brilliant music video for All Because of You, it has a magical vibe that you won’t forget easily, so be sure to watch it down below!