Music Premiere

Premiere: Martina Armour – Trouble


Today, I have the honor to premiere Los Angeles based Martina Armour her new single Trouble, a track which sounds amazing. I am a big fan of the powerful vocals and catchy yet haunting melodies. Beside, the organic soundscapes are as expected wonderful. Furthermore, I also adore the well-written lyrics, it takes you on a midnight drive through confessions, forbidden love and hope.

You can say easily that Trouble is some unique piece of music, Martina her style is bridging the gaps between the pop-folk aesthetic, and the energy of rock music. She also infused her sound with that Scandinavian melancholy, yet melodic twist into her unique sound.


Trouble is not the only track that Martina will release this year, a EP is being perfected as we speak and is coming out later this year, so do not forget to keep following Martina on social media to stay informed about it. For now, be sure to stream Trouble as soon as possible and feel free to sing along!


Do not hesitate and add Trouble to your playlist(s).

You can stream Trouble below on Soundcloud!