Introducing: ANGE – Like I’m Crazy

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The talented ANGE has released recently her new single Like I’m Crazy and it is a splendid piece of music. I am a big fan of the melodies which blending low-key electronic and pop elements. Beside, the vocal performance from ANGE is sensational and will capture your attention until the last note. Furthermore, the lyrics are well-written, it is about getting to the point where you feel confident enough to BE yourself in any situation without overthinking. 

ANGE has also made a music for Like I’m Crazy, a must see. The visuals look splendid, the different backgrounds are impressive and the color grading is well done. In addition, the choreography of the dancers is flawless. I also liked ANGE her performance, she acts as a real r&b star!


You can say without any doubt that ANGE has made some unique music again, Like I’m Crazy has the perfect sound for this summer, so make sure to stream/watch it as soon as possible and feel free to vibe along!

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Do not hesitate and add Like I’m Crazy to your playlist(s).

You can stream/watch Like I’m Crazy below on Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube!