Music Premiere

Premiere: Roniit – Fade To Blue (Music Video)


Cryptic yet captivating pop artist Roniit has released recently her new single Fade To Blue and it has a sound you never heard before. I am a big fan of the quirky melodies which create an innovative musical landscape within a few seconds. Moreover, the vocal performance is grandiose, Roniit has a nice timbre in her voice. Furthermore, the complex harmonic structure showcases creativity and an artistic insight!

The lyrics are just like the sound very impressive. Fade To Blue presents numerous meanings of self discovery, such as letting go of unhealthy attachments, and overcoming crippling self-doubt. Using her time in the forest and in Bali to dive into self discovery, therapy, and holistic healing, she wants her music to carry the lessons she’s learned. Fade To Blue discusses about the importance of turning off that voice in your head that’s constantly telling you that you aren’t good enough. It encourages you to express your truest emotions without filters.


There is also made a grandiose music video for Fade To Blue which is shot and edited by Roniit. The visuals are wonderful and know to hold on your attention until the last second. In the music video you can see Roniit in an empty room from a lover who abandoned her. The atmospheres will take over control and give the viewer a clear vision of the story. The music video is pure art, my compliments to Roniit!


Roniit is an advocate for having more female producers be recognized in the music industry and works extremely hard to be involved in every step of the process. You can say without any doubt that the music she makes is always very inspiring, so start listening/watching to Fade To Blue as soon as possible!


You can watch Roniit her music video for Fade To Blue exclusively below!

You can stream Fade To Blue on Soundcloud or Spotify below!