Introducing: Daria Purley – FORFEIT 


Daria Purley is a Canadian singer-songwriter who melts and fuses various sounds to create intricate works of art.

FORFEIT is Daria her new single and it sounds amazing. The indie tones are unique and create innovative musical landscapes. Moreover, Daria her vocal performance is sublime, she has such a powerful voice. Furthermore, the dynamic elements know to impress!

Speaking about the track, Daria says: ”FORFEIT is about hitting a roadblock, a dilemma. Where do we draw the line between what we want vs. need? When do we stop letting the hurt of the past seep into our present?

You can say without any doubt that Daria has made really good music, FORFEIT has all the facets of a modern gem, so make sure to stream it as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add FORFEIT to your playlist(s).

You can stream FORFEIT  below on Soundcloud or Spotify!