Introducing: Tuarrah – Rhinebeck


Tuarrah emerged from a friendship that began ten years ago on Marlborough Street in Boston. Charlie Van Kirk and Christopher Marion began collaborating shortly after they met, bonding over a mutual admiration for the music of D’Angelo, Radiohead and Björk as well as the paintings of James Whistler and John Singer Sargent. With lead vocals by an enigmatic friend who wishes to remain anonymous, Tuarrah became three. At times expansive and at others intimate, their music speaks to the great landscapes of America and to some little moments of humanity that can be found within.

Rhinebeck is Tuarrah their new single and it sounds amazing. I really like the unique indie melodies which create innovative landscapes full of new sounds. Moreover, the vocal performance is sublime and knows to capture attention until the last note. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic rhythms!

The lyrics are just like the sound very impressive. The song Rhinebeck, penned by Tuarrah founder Charlie Van Kirk, came from a moment of incidental voyeurism. From the driver’s seat of his parked car, he witnessed a couple 20 yards away have an interaction that looked like a staged drama. Unable to hear their voices, he wrote the song immediately afterward, attempting to figure out what might have transpired between them.

Rhinebeck has a sound you never heard before, so start streaming  it as soon as possible!


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