Introducing: Turismo Girlfriend World Tour – One Million


Turismo Girlfriend World Tour released today her new single One Million and it is a brilliant piece of music. I like the catchy melodies. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the well-written lyrics.

On the single, Turismo says: ”The song was written a year or so ago in LA. I had the track made for months and I had an idea for it but for about 6 months I could not write any lyrics to it. We kept tweaking the instrumental and on the last day at the studio, my producer went ” this is it, we need vocals” so I went home and I’m not sure why but the lyrics kept flowing and they were all a little empowering. I didn’t focus on writing something that was political – not very descriptively committed or forward, but all the lyrics were linked by a see thread and everything that came out of my mouth and brain were similar to those revolutionary songs like Bella Ciao. I guess in the current US political climate, that just dripped down my veins and it got written in probably 30 minutes. Full verses , choruses… And it was more pointed at women. And how we need to fight the fight. So One Million is about the women’s march. It made a lot of sense to release it around the time we all go marching in unity to make change happen.”

Turismo made incredibly good music, her message needs to be heard by everyone. One Million is a true masterpiece. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


You can stream One Million below on Spotify!