Introducing: LHĒON – lay low


Swedish born, Melbourne (AUS) based singer & songwriter Lhēon is a soul-inspired, forward-thinking Artist. Conjuring sounds-of-the past into a delicate exploration of the future.

LHĒON recently released her second single lay low and it’s a brilliant piece of music. I like the soulful harmonies. Besides, the hooks are solid. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful vocals and electro neo-soul grooves.

On the single, LHĒON says: ”I wrote this song after I witnesses a really ugly argument between a couple on the train home.They didn’t see me.

This song paints the picture of how I think they got to that point.”

LHĒON is iconic, her music creates new dimensions. lay low has such a unique atmosphere. Start streaming it now!


You can stream lay low below on SoundCloud or Spotify!