Introducing: Lisa Tucker – Fickle

Simon Cowell called Lisa “the best 16 year old we’ve ever had throughout this whole competition” during her American Idol audition. Click to see that audition

She went on to become a Top Ten Finalist of season 5, and later performed on the 60 city “Idol Tour.”  This is her performing on piano at one of the tour’s East Coast stops. Click to see Tour performance

As she kicked off her 20’s, her musical career was unexpectedly disrupted by health issues. Ever the warrior, she took that time to focus on getting strong while continuing to develop herself as a singer-songwriter.

Today, having been blessed with a husband and her first child, she’s found the strength to return full time to music, relocating her family to Nashville to commit fully to its vibrant songwriting community.

Lisa just released a new single entitled Fickle.

The song features sublime vocals, smooth guitar work, and solid hooks.

Lyrically, Lisa delivers. She writes well. Every line in the song is golden.

The artist has so much talent. Her music connects with people. Fickle deserves 5 stars.

Check it out below!