Introducing: Denise Valle – Circles

A soulful songstress with love as her subject and soul as her sound, Denise Valle’s music fuses the hypnotic warmth of R&B with the insatiable rhythm of pop.

She just released a new single titled Circles.

Nice piece of art. Denise captivates listeners with unique beats, stellar vocals, sublime melodies, and solid hooks. Every sound has its place.

Denise is a talented songwriter. You believe every word she sings. The song tells an interesting story.

An exploration of the common struggle of overthinking yourself into anxiety, Circles, sonically creates the feeling of a sleepless night where 3am has come and gone and the sun has begun to rise.

Denise has so much talent. Circles deserves 5 stars. This is music that’s brilliant.

Check it out below!