Introducing: QUIN – 2020

Photo by Brianna Alysse

QUIN recently released her new single 2020. Produced by Bizness Boi and th3ory. Mix by Tyler Page.

The song features unique melodies, outstanding vocals, groovy rhythms, catchy sounds, and solid hooks.

QUIN writes with flair. Her lyrics are on point. Every line is golden.

”no stressing na,
gimme one reason why
take the lesson out
put the magic back inside’

Speaking about the track, the artist shared: ”i named this song 2020 at the top of the year. before the drama. little did we know!”

QUIN continues to deliver good music. She has so much talent. 2020 deserves 5 stars. Fantastic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!