Introducing: Riches – Eyes Open But Not Looking

The manifestation of an ongoing dialogue between Young Galaxy’s Catherine McCandless and choreographer Wynn Holmes, Riches is a multidisciplinary collaboration of music, dance and performance. Set for release on September 25th, the duo’s forthcoming LP is a concept record – the soundtrack to an imaginary horror film.

Riches makes really good music. Their new single is Eyes Open But Not Looking. The song features unique melodies, sublime melodies, and dreamy atmospheres. Every sound and word has a purpose. Fantastic piece of work.

Eyes Open But Not Looking is about the searching and longing felt in an attempt to write a song. This process requires being open to every channel internally, meditating on intention, capturing something that cannot be seen  – the eyes must be open but not looking.

Riches creates their own genre. They speak the language of art. Eyes Open But Not Looking deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!