Introducing: Anna Bea – Cold

Anna Bea is a 20-year-old singer songwriter who regularly gigs between London and Bristol.

She just released new single Cold.

Every second of the song is worth listening. The sound creates an ethereal tone. Anna captivates listeners with outstanding vocals, smooth  harmonies, solid melodies, and powerful hooks.

Lyrically, Anna remains as insightful as ever. Her words are honest and vulnerable.

Speaking about the track, the singer songwriter says: ”I wrote this song on a freezing February evening wearing 4 jumpers and 2 coats in my student house in Bristol, England. One of my housemates had made the decision never to turn on the heating to save money and the environment. Although I agreed with him, on this particular evening I was unbelievably cold and miserable. As I watched my breath in clouds in front of me, I started writing this song!”

Anna makes music that’s authentic. She has so much talent. Cold is an iconic piece of work.

Check it out below!