Introducing: BEBELUNA – Who Are you

BEBELUNA makes their remarkable debut with stellar introduction Who Are You.

It’s an intriguing piece of work. The song features dreamy vocals, woozy guitar lines, and memorable hooks.

BEBELUNA’s lyrics are powerful. Every line has a special meaning.

Speaking on the release, they state: ”Who Are You encapsulates the beginning stages of realising that change is eternal. When we’re 18 we think we have a realised perception of who we will continue to be throughout this life, but quickly realise in our 20s that this isn’t the case and we will continue to shed. In some cases this causes people to spiral or fall into a depression, which I think is a vital and beautiful part of life. Growing pains n’ all.”

This is music that inspires. Who Are You deserves 5 stars. Captivating from beginning to end.

Check it out below!