Introducing: Tiphanie Doucet – You and I

Produced by David Baron (Lumineers), You and I is the lead single from French songbird and multi-instrumentalist Tiphanie Doucet’s upcoming EP, Painted Blue.

Every sound has a place. The song features brilliant guitar work, outstanding vocals, smooth harmonies, and solid hooks.

Tiphanie writes so well. She’s poetic in her writing. Her lyrics capture her thoughts.

”I promised not to try
It’s all gone I can’t go back
Today I’m reaching out
My hands are shaking”

You and I cleverly evokes passion, sensuality, love without consequences. “I wrote You and I with the context of a fascinatingly short but strong heartbreak. I noticed how blue I was following the relationship and that he was happy with someone else, the realization was hard to take.” Tiphanie explained,  “So many people can relate to the feeling of longing the intensity of relationships. In the track, I sing like I am on a mission that can’t fail. My wistful tones, full of romance that may not always get reciprocated, and the personal nature of the piece will see listeners foraging through their personal experiences of heartbreak.”

The video – directed by Tiphanie – captures the essence of the song.

You and I deserves to be heard. Captivating from the first second. A real masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check it out below!