Introducing: CELIIN – Marilyn

Somewhere between romance and depression, where extreme emotions meet, you’ll find CELIIN’s vintage heart and modern spirit.

Today, she releases her new single Marilyn.

Every word carries a world of meaning. Poetry that makes you think. It’s compelling from start to finish. Thoughtful music that intrigues.

“If beautiful things don’t ask for attention, why do I feel the need to scream…?” This line from the lyrics of Marilyn sums up the defenseless message pretty well. In a soul searching, heartbreaking tone the enigmatic storyteller comes to us with her secret obsession of self-destructive beauty. The “love letter” plays out as a dramatic and orchestrated alt-pop ballad, with Celiin’s teary vocals creating a kind but clear whipping to her own mindset. A perfect finish to the trilogy First of the love letters, containing her previous singles Leonardo and Nasty Human.

This is artistry on a higher level. Very captivating.

Check out Marilyn below!