Introducing: Estella Dawn – Fiery B

It’s Saturday today. Guess what that means? Time for inspiration. Let the music speak for itself.

Estella Dawn is a 23 year old New Zealand born (Kiwi), Colorado based singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist. Her style ranges from Pop to Rock to Soul. She just released new single Fiery B.

This song is really something else. Great production, infectious choruses, and strong vocals.

”People often joke about having a “split personality” where you are normally easy going and agreeable but then something, or someone, triggers you past a red line and a different, more confrontational, side of you comes out that others have not witnessed. In this song I’m warning a particular person that I’m with that if they do me wrong I have no control over the fiery and irrational brunette that will come out to punish them.”

I think you should listen to this song by Estella. Find it below!