Introducing: Ruby Grace – Don’t Talk 2 Me

Photo by RAIA

Belgian artist Ruby Grace mixes kitsch elements with electro pop beats and soul. Influenced by artists like Charli XCX.

Ruby just released new single Don’t Talk 2 Me. It’s so catchy. The music and vocals work well together. Nice blend of sounds.

Writing teaches me a lot. When I want to write a song about a specific theme, I want to know everything about it and research it as much as I can. I’m looking forward to a future of thousands of different obsessions and turning them into thousands of different songs!! I don’t want to be stuck to one genre, since I could get inspiration anywhere. Maybe in 5 years I’ll be inspired by a theme that should be turned into a rock song – who knows. I just know I will always stay true to myself because I’m writing about what I love!”

Ruby has a creative mind. She follows no trend. Her ideas are great. This bop is on repeat. Listen below!