Introducing: Skylar Capri – Wax Lips

21 year-old emerging Pop / Alt-pop artist Skylar Capri releases new single Wax Lips. It’s a bubblegum pop song. Great vocals, an irresistible melody and creative instrumentation. The lyrics are powerful, so well-written. It has a poetic feel to it.

Wax Lips is a metaphor for someone who lies and is also the name of a vintage candy. Following suit with the double meaning of the hook and title, I had the idea of crafting the song completely around metaphors of candy. In fact, nearly every line in the song has a reference to vintage candy, relating something so sweet to the devastation of a breakup (lol, sucks, right?) or realizing that a person in your life (a friendship, someone you grew up with, etc.) isn’t who you thought they were.”

Skylar has artistic vision. Listen to Wax Lips below!