Introducing: Olive Louise – Nothing’s The Same

New York-based singer-songwriter Olive Louise is known for her original sound. She now returns with brand new alt-pop single Nothing’s The Same. This is already one of the best songs of 2021. It’s calm, yet expressive. Melodious vocals soar over creative instrumentation, well-composed. The lyrics are full of character, it inspires.

Nothing’s the same is accompanied by a fantasy-like visual. The singer-songwriter delves deeper into the visuals by stating “the music video is a collage of angst and free-floating joy, which I always feel coexists. It’s about relishing in the simple things we take for granted, like our own bodies, and the way the light looks between trees, and the warmth you feel on your skin when you stop for a second to actually take in your surroundings. It’s about caring less about what others think and letting go of filtering yourself through someone else’s lens and finding that true confidence to move through life as you. I feel like this song took on an even deeper meaning for myself over this past year having been quarantined and not being able to hug those I miss or share a good belly laugh in close proximity with friends. Nothing is the same, literally, and I think we’re all looking back on personal things that we didn’t realize meant as much as we know they do now. I hope this song makes people feel happy and makes them think about what it is they love and miss and more importantly what they’re looking forward to.”

Iconic production, innovative in so many ways. Olive continues to put out good music, modern classic after modern classic. Each song has its own story. Check out Nothing’s the same below!