Introducing: Karhys – Stuck

Independent singer-songwriter Karhys unveils her debut album, which includes the title track Stuck. The production is mellow, dreamy vocals sail over soulful instrumentation. Poetic in its language, written with a lot of wisdom. Karhys reflects reality within illusions.

She explains: ”This is a song about feeling stuck in your own skin, in a place where you don’t want to be and – most importantly – in a life you don’t believe it’s meant for you. Constantly battling between doing what “you’re supposed to do”, what “makes sense to others”. Stuck is about forgetting about what really makes you happy. Stuck is about feeling like you’ve played it safe your whole life by just dreaming, keeping your dreams safe from the rest of the world.”

Karhys makes music that’s slightly different. It has quality to it. Check out Stuck below!