Introducing: Starbird and the Phoenix – Starfire (Album)

Starbird and the Phoenix is the technicolor, solar powered alt pop/folk love child of NYC based artists Courtney Bassett and Andrew Swackhamer. They release their long-awaited debut album Starfire, full of good songs. Driven by ukulele extroversion and stratospheric harmonies, the duo creates a sound that’s creative. Each song has its own flair.

One of the standout tracks on the album is Good Vibes. It’s dreamy and soulful at the same time. Brights vocal soar over a great production, making the song fun to listen to. Overall, catchy. Brilliant in many ways. I’m also fan of Claim a Star, which is characterized by its unique intro and outro.

Starbird and the Phoenix deliver something fresh, it results in high quality music. This album is perfectly balanced, worth many repeated spins. Check out Starfire below!