Introducing: Lady Dan – I Am The Prophet

Austin based, TX, singer-songwriter Lady Dan releases new single I Am The Prophet. With her melancholic sound, she delivers music that’s original. This song features soaring vocals and some great melodic lines. The verses are building towards a chorus, which is powerful and intriguing to listen to. There’s also a break down, around 02:30, brilliant structured.

In the words of Lady Dan, “I Am the Prophet was born of the resentment that comes with the modern dating era: a month getting to know someone, letting them know you, and the other party backing out once things are meant to progress. So you stay on this constant loop, like a rodent running on a wheel, doomed to repeat the cycle until you’re so tired you just give up completely. Then, throw some sacrilege in for a little flavor.”

Check out I Am The Prophet below!