Introducing: MUNNYCAT – The Bygone Goodbye (you got it)

LA-based production duo MUNNYCAT release a new bop, titled The Bygone Goodbye (you got it). With its catchy sound, they deliver iconic music. Their vocals soar over a strong beat, which takes influences from electro pop, golden-age hip hop, and indie rock.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, Khaledzou said: ”The Bygone Goodbye (you got it) is about leaving the past behind. Sometimes you spend so much energy trying to make amends with situations or people until you realize you’re the only one trying. And at that point – you have to move on. We all went through a lot last year and it was something we thought was important to share right out the gates in 2021.”

MUNNYCAT have a style that’s versatile, they always doing something different. The Bygone Goodbye (you got it) has an infectious groove. Take a listen below!