Introducing: Ann Christine – CCC

Photo by Milena Zara

Danish artist and songwriter Ann Christine, based in Berlin, releases new single CCC (Cats Cause Chaos). Crisp vocals and cool rap flows soar over an experimental beat, it results in something great. Ann Christine delivers a fresh sound, full of variation. The chorus on CCC is infectious, fun to listen to. Definitely one of the most creative productions of the week.

CCC is truly about deliberation. About living out loud and not apologizing for it,” Ann Christine says about her new song. “Chaos is such an inevitable importance to our lives: It’s where we both break and make ourselves – and isn’t that the beauty of it? I’ve always been a bit loud in my way of living – especially spending most of my twenties in the Berlin subculture – and through the old sayings of cats and dogs, I’m telling it as it is: Cats cause chaos that dogs don’t do,” Ann Christine explains and continues: “I want that my listeners feel it, breathe it in and go out in the world with a strong spine and head high.”

Ann Christine continues to make anthems, with a distinctive style of music. 2021 will be her year. Check out CCC below!