Introducing: Klara Zangerl – How (What Are You Thinking Of?)

Stockholm-based singer, songwriter, and producer Klara Zangerl has a soulful pop sound that she keeps evolving. How (What Are You Thinking Of?) captures a unique energy. The song’s brilliant structure makes listening to it very enjoyable. A strong vocal performance is combined with fantastic vocal harmonies and creative instrumentation.

Speaking about the track, Klara said: ”I started to write this song on a sunny day last May. I sat down in the park and started to play around with different melodies that could reflect what was going on in my head. It’s about that hazy daydream that being in love induces. That phase where you’re constantly wondering about what that other person is feeling. It’s like a bittersweet battle between ecstasy and dysphoria that I think many people can relate to.”

Check out How (What Are You Thinking Of?) below!