Introducing: Haiden – Unless

California-born singer Haiden delivers his second single, Unless, which features an outstanding production. Justin Timberlake might come to mind when you hear his soulful voice. With brilliantly crafted lyrics, he draws the listener in instantly. Also included are infectious melodies and rhythms. Personally, I think the chorus has a timeless quality.

“I love songs that drop you in the middle of the battlefield and let you figure out what’s happening as you go,” Haiden explains. “It’s so rare to feel something clearly and without question. Most emotions, especially those associated with change, are clouded by denial or bitterness. In Unless, you’re introduced to the characters through a one-sided conversation, immediately making it hard to trust the narrator because you don’t know the other person’s side.”

The song will probably leave a lasting impression. Haiden displays a wide array of skills on Unless. Definitely worth checking out below!