Introducing: Chrissie Huntley – Supposed to Be

Photo by Katie Leask Photography

Bristol artist Chrissie Huntley shares brand new single, Supposed to be. This track’s production is brilliant. By bringing the best of both worlds together, it perfectly balances nostalgia and modernity. Supposed to Be has a catchy melody, as well as strong vocals. Each section takes a different creative approach.

Regarding the track, Chrissie says: ”Supposed to Be is one of the first songs I ever wrote when I was a teenager and I just got dumped by the guy who I thought was supposed to be “the one”. I think we’ve all been in that position where you know that it’s over, but you just want to hold on and pretend just a little while longer…”

Chrissie reflects her artistry very well in her work. Supposed to Be reminds me a bit of Beyoncé’s music from the mid 2000s. Listen below!