Introducing: Rosin – Tired of Dancing

Rosin, a German singer-songwriter, releases new single, Tired of Dancing. I really like the sound it provides, since it’s mellow and unique. Combined with atmospheric arrangements, the vocals capture listeners immediately. Messages are conveyed in a thoughtful way by fantastically written lyrics.

Rosin says: “I wrote this song last summer together with my best friend. Being in lockdown and feeling really lonely sometimes made me romanticize my past relationship, which had unhealthy tendencies in reality. In Tired of Dancing, I try to remind myself of all the things that made me want to leave it in the first place. Getting out of a co-dependent relationship was hard and it took me a long time to process how I got into this situation and to be able to reflect on it. I am proud to have grown the strength to do so now.”

Each section of this song has been brilliantly crafted, making it one of the best ballads I’ve heard lately. Check out Tired of Dancing below!