Introducing: Gina Naomi Baez – UNIQUEorn

New York-based artist Gina Naomi Baez shares, UNIQUEorn. This song immediately captures your attention with its feel-good, uplifting sound. A perfect addition to any playlist. The chorus will definitely get you moving. Vocal delivery of the lyrics is flawless.

The songwriter shares, “Funny Girl reminded me of that innocent little girl with big, bright dreams. As you get older and reality sets in, it’s hard to keep those dreams bright and alive. You start doubting yourself, your talent, the way you look, are you too different? Are you too Unique? I wanted the music to feel like you were flying through a glittery sky, bouncing cloud to cloud, without a care in the world, sippin’ pink champagne!”

In terms of production, it’s brilliant. UNIQUEORN offers something original and timeless. Listen below!