Introducing: Luka – Waiting

Folk pop songstress LUKA releases new single, Waiting. It’s mellow, timeless, and authentic. From a production standpoint, brilliant. This sound immediately captures your attention. Vocals are excellent, and provide crispness. Lyrics display a high level of skill.

Regarding the track, LUKA comments: “Waiting is a classic unrequited love song. You like someone who doesn’t feel the same way and end up waiting for things to change, hoping that if you wait long enough, they might change their mind (they usually don’t). In the end you realise you’ve wasted too much of your life pining after this one person and it’s probably time to get over it and move on. I wrote this when I was in the middle of that sad “why don’t they like me back” stage. Happy to say that I have since moved past being sad about that to just being stressed about the general world. A definite improvement.”

I believe that listeners will appreciate the music of LUKA. Waiting has all the components needed to be successful. Stream below!