Introducing: Courtney Paige Nelson – Fever Dream

American singer-songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson released her debut EP, Fever Dream, last Friday. I particularly like the title track. Its sound is nostalgic, but also futuristic in a way, and that makes it so appealing to listeners. An authentic vocal, paired with solid instrumentals, provides a timeless result. Courtney keeps empowering others through her lyrics.

You’ll be amazed at this music’s storyline. In addition to having a skill for writing, Courtney provides layers of expressiveness to her messages. Regarding the track, she comments:

”I wrote this in relation to how I was feeling during the pandemic. I really focused and hustled all of 2020. I put my head down and made sure I worked my heart out because of how much I wanted to be on top of things after the pandemic. This song is about how I want this so bad, to make it in music, but everyone around me just isn’t being serious or motivated. I felt like I was in a fever dream because I was the only one really worked and trying to make it happen. So many people around me didn’t understand why I was taking my work so serious at a time when people were taking moments to relax. I felt a bit isolated because I don’t have a plan b. I can’t relax because if I’m not 10 steps ahead, there’s someone who will gladly try to be. I didn’t get a lot of security and breaks in my upbringing, so I feel like I must work a lot harder sometimes because I’m my own support system, and I’m my own person to fall back on. It was hard being so focused and having people not understand/drift away from me because of it.”

Courtney emphasizes musically innovative ideas and discusses relevant topics. Check out Fever Dream below!