Introducing: Danni Baylor – Previews

Danni Baylor is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Washington, DC. She creates music that’s authentic, and will remain on your playlist for a long time. Previews has infectious melodies, a dynamic beat, and strong vocals that help to make it a hit. Especially since the chorus is so solid, I really enjoy listening to this song.

Previews is an allegorical take on wishing you could watch relationships go wrong before they actually do. Danni refers to the relationship as a “Movie” and artistically winks at her listeners with this witty concept accompanied by her gritty “in your face” tone. The song is somewhat of an “inside joke” to her listeners because it says what many people wish they could do before going down an emotionally detrimental road… Watch the previews and prevent it!

The song’s lyrics are expressed in an original way. Check out Previews below!