Introducing: John Errol – Unbelievable

John Errol, an LA-based singer, consistently releases unique music. His debut EP, Inferno, contains the track Unbelievable. Electronic sounds, for example, are solid throughout. I really like the industrial influences. John conveys each line with expressiveness.

The track captures the sugar-rush of pop in its most addictive, over-the-top form, culminating in a saccharine key change as Errol sings of falseness and illusion. “In a lot of ways, it’s about my relationship to music,” Errol says of the track, “or at least what it means to be an artist: selling yourself, deceit, trickery. Lies. There’s also this kind of nihilism that speaks to the absurdity of life these days.”

There’s no better song to check out than Unbelievable, especially since the chorus is so cool.