Introducing: Hemes – Breathe

Singer-songwriter Hemes released Breathe last week. This might be your favorite song right now. It has some elements that make it so original. I particularly like the electro-pop vocals and euphoric beats. Lyrics with such personality add significant depth to music. Listeners get a glimpse into the mind of an overthinker, longing for a sense of calm and reassurance.

Speaking about the track, Hemes says: “I wanted Breathe to capture the feeling of needing that one person in your life who can relieve your anxieties, for me it’s my mum. She adds: ”I finished the song during the pandemic because it was the longest time that I had ever been away from her, through tough times I really wished that I could just drive to see her, and that’s how Breathe was born.”

My compliments go out to this production. Solid, musically next level work. Check out Breathe Below!