Introducing: Fatima Revne – Falle

Fatima Revne is a true passionate Rnb and pop singer from Norway. Falle, her latest single, exemplifies creativity. A combination of innovation and modernity can be found in its instrumental. There’s a cool melody and a solid beat, for example. A strong vocal accompanies the music well.

Revne says of the track: “Falle is a beautiful Norwegian pop song that´s dedicated to my significant one (hihi). It´s about me as an artist who spends a lot of time away from him, being in another city doing my thing, making music. So it´s about having a safe place back home, where your loved one is; someone who´s always by your side, someone you can lean on.”

Revne writes with exceptional skill, she puts real emotion into every word of her lyrics. Check out Falle below!