Introducing: Tove Styrke – Mood Swings

Photo credit: Morgan Norman

Tove Styrke is a Swedish singer-songwriter who recently dropped some new music. Mood Swings moves in an energetic pop direction. A catchy melody and original beat are hallmarks of this production. Tove has a bright voice that suits the sound well.

She says about the track: ”Mood Swings is insane. It’s paying tribute to my best and worst sides. I really hate myself sometimes. But I’m trying really hard not to. These past three years I’ve been through depression, fell hard in love, survived a Swedish music reality tv-show, I got a car, I got stuck with millennial blues, I feel like an adult sometimes, I feel like I did as a child. I feel kinda free.”

Mood Swings has a chance of becoming a big hit. There are so many aspects that make it stand out. The song will be repeated endlessly by listeners. I’m looking forward to hearing more music from Tove this year. She keeps on delivering amazing music.

Check out Mood Swings below!